Legend of Star General Manhua

The source of this image is What is Legend of Star General? Legend of Star General is a Manhua series, M ade by the Chinese author  乐想动漫, With more than 170+ chapters. What's The Main Story Of  Legend of Star General? The Main Story Of  Legend of Star General is about a male  protagonist ( Song Yunxiang), Who is the last Star Soul General of the Human Race and brought back to the Academy by  the Star master system .  When he was young, he was blinded by his damage soul, because of that, He has to watch his relatives and friends die in front of him and he couldn't do anything about that. he got back to the past with his  system and  with 60 years of war combat experience and knowledge and technology,  From then on, he build mechas and copied  origin Star soul general  to fight beasts...  this time, he will not leave any regrets. This series is really  awesome and if you are a mecha series lover like me then you should give this series a try since you  definit
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